Monna Asset Tracking

We offer a range of movable and immovable asset tracking services in Namibia that work with sedans, bakkies, trucks, utility vehicles, etc.
If it moves, we can track it

Our Products

Our trackers are of high quality with features such as...

GPS Position


Real-time position

Mobile & Web App

What we do

We are the asset tracking service offered by Omalaeti Technologies based in Windhoek, Namibia
Our asset tracking products offers services such as personal trackers, gps trackers, dash cameras and many more to come
Our gps trackers work throughout Namibia and beyond the borders as long as there is good network coverage
GPS tracking in Namibia is something most individuals and entities take for granted. Our tracking products are easy to use and aimed for use by individuals to monitor use of their vehicles, fleet managers to track the performance of their fleets and thus enabling them to minimise misuse and curb theft.
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