White Toyota Hilux Hijacked in Windhoek

June 8, 2021

Sometimes back in May 2021, reports of a stolen vehicle were circulating on Social Media and various WhatsApp groups. The story says the victim was hijacked and taken hostage to the Otjomuise mountains where he was robbed and left whilst the culprits fled with the vehicle. The victim was forced to walk back from the mountains and bring the matter to the attention of the authorities.

The vehicle was later found but sadly striped of some parts as seen in the images below:

The situation seen above is one of the reasons why it is important to have a tracking device that has track and trace capabilities installed in your vehicle. Track and trace allows you to send out a live link of your vehicle current position to a number of people so they can follow it. The link can be set to expire after a few hours, a day or a week after which no one can access it.

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